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Make the most of your online store with AI personalization

Updated: Nov 28, 2022

Keywords: Marketing software, AI vision, ecommerce

When it comes to eCommerce, personalizing the customer experience is key to keeping customers happy and coming back.

But how can you do this when your inventory is limited? And how do you get your customers to stay longer on your site in order to learn more about them and their needs?

Finiite’s new personalization API tackles these issues with a simple AI-powered tool for beauty brands. We offer a new way to use photos to instantly predict the skin type of your customers. This allows you to better cater your products to each customer or site visitor, increasing sales conversion rate (which is tracked via access to dashboard).

Why does it matter?

Many brands use AI to recommend products based on user behavior (e.g., how many times they visited a page before adding something to cart). We've seen this not to be effective. Even if someone sees only 1 item, if it's not relevant, it's still not going to be sold. Our solution gives you the ability to personalize all aspects of your online store so that each visitor sees products that are tailored specifically to them (based on their unique needs). For example, if a visitor has dry skin, the AI recommends products from your site that are moisturizing or anti-aging; if they have oily acne-prone skin, it curates a list of your product line treatments that addresses the issue etc.

This both helps build trust among consumers who would otherwise be unsure about buying products online and boosts your conversion rate.

Enhance product & brand visibility

Instantly get your products infront of the right customers at scale — all without having to ask them anything! Our AI does the work for you. The model analyzes facial skin from images and predicts what kind of products they might like based on those features.

Personalization marketing on autopilot

When shopping online, consumers like to feel as if they're receiving a personalized experience (not just "one size fits all"). This can be difficult, especially for smaller companies that don't have the resources to provide custom recommendations and suggestions. As more companies enter the eCommerce space, it's important that they find a way to stand out from the crowd. By adding AI vision and personalization to your website, you can help customers discover products that they might not have otherwise noticed.

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