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Finiite Receives eCommerce Software Recognition from Leading B2B Review Platform

Updated: Mar 20, 2023

Finiite is proud to receive the Rising Star Award 2022 from FinancesOnline, a renowned industry expert. It’s great to be considered as an up-and-coming AI sales tool for the ecommerce and retail industry. Further demonstrating how the API enables retailers to increase customer loyalty and boost sales and SEO rankings through the use of artificial intelligence and image-based product search.

Among other factors, FinancesOnline evaluated our brand's substantial volume of positive feedback and social mentions as a sign of user satisfaction. FinancesOnline software reviewers also prepared a comprehensive Finiite review and determined that it hosts powerful features to help business owners succeed. They also assessed our customer service team and observed our support agents as knowledgeable and efficient.

In their report, software experts highlighted our platform’s versatility and extensiveness. Among the features they lauded are the skin recognition API, virtual skin assessment, and ecommerce dashboard.

The review mentioned how the skin recognition API enables mobile or digital stores to transmit and send customer data to Finiite’s AI models. These AI models, backed by profound learning innovations and computer vision, can generate accurate inferences based on the client’s facial skin videos or images. Therefore, allowing for a more customized digital shopping experience for consumers.

Besides the skin API, the reviewers acknowledged the virtual skin assessment. For example, the feature can define customer skin conditions and types and match them with products clients are more likely to purchase. It can also recommend suitable cosmetics and beauty products from ecommerce stores or mobile app that they may want to buy to treat skin concerns or needs. Doing so will lead to sales and conversion growth.

Furthermore, the software includes an ecommerce dashboard to track vital data regarding your cosmetics and beauty digital store. For example, it will let you monitor how frequent AI/skin recognition activities occur and how many cosmetic items consumers buy from your online store in a given period.

Lastly, their review commended how the system supports ecommerce, mobile, and web platforms. You can work and link the application to these programs if you’re running your ecommerce shop on BigCommerce, Shopify, or WooCommerce. With a report showing 93.5% of global internet users purchasing online, it is safe to say that the ecommerce software market is continually growing.

In essence, all the above features are what review platforms search for on their list of best ecommerce software systems today. Finiite would like to thank FinancesOnline for acknowledging our dedicated efforts. Receiving recognition from reputable organizations such as this encourages us to do even better at providing premium ecommerce solutions.

We also would like to thank the dedicated teams who have entrusted us with their ecommerce software needs. Rest assured that we will continue delivering state-of-the-art services and develop more features soon so you can enhance your total experience and fulfillment with our platform. We look forward to more decades of partnership and to supporting you in maximizing your online retail business.



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